The new fully electric MINI Cooper SE

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Coming early 2020

The iconic, well-loved hatch has now gone electric. With a driving range of up to 144 miles and all the latest in-car technology, the MINI Cooper SE allows you to take charge.

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Easy on the pocket and the eye

Starting at £24,400 (including Plug-In Car grant), the MINI Cooper SE puts the future within reach.

Due to its electric engine, it also has lower running costs than a conventional petrol or diesel, lower servicing costs, and no road tax due to its emission-free driving.

Classic meets modern

The MINI Cooper SE is based on the same exterior as the current 3-door hatch, with a few unique additions, such as MINI Electric logos on the side as well as on the boot and grille.

The future as standard

As innovative on the inside as it is on the outside, the MINI Cooper SE is packed full of the latest tech. The electric MINI comes with Connected Navigation as standard which allows for real time traffic information and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity on its 6.5-inch touchscreen.


Charging your new electric MINI is easy. Its Connected Navigation system keeps you informed of nearby charging stations, which can charge your battery to 80% in just 35 minutes.

This is as well as being able to charge it from a conventional power socket or even the optional MINI Electric Wallbox, which can both charge the battery up to 100% in three and a half hours.

Coming early 2020

The MINI Hatch has now gone electric.

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